Mini Cacti Cutter
Mini Cacti Cutter
Mini Cacti Cutter

Mini Cacti Cutter

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Can you even have a summer collection of anything without including something "cacti"? We didn't think so! (We're also succers for succulents.. see what we did there?) 

Fun fact: The average life of a cactus can vary between 10 - 200 years!

Other Fun Facts:

Like all of our cookie cutters they are designed in house and created in Ontario, Canada! We work collaboratively with another small business to bring our cookie cutters to life. SO when you make your purchase, you're supporting not one but TWO small businesses! Good deed of the day! 

Care Instructions: 

  • DO NOT wash in dishwasher or sanitizer. 
  • Hand wash only.
  • Use soap and warm water to clean.